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UT - Solfeggio 396 Hz
- Getting rid of guilt and fear -

These wonderful pieces of music are based on the Solfeggio 396 Hz frequency.  Each piece lasts for 60 minutes and can be played in any environment.  These Solfeggio sounds can be used in any situation where you need to resolve  fear or guilt. They can be used as relaxing background music or as an accompaniment to your meditations.  There are no hidden subliminals or vocal guidance.

We have encoded the Solfeggio 396Hz musical pieces with additional brainwave entrainment. You can choose between alpha, theta or delta entrainment (for a full explanation of the different levels of brainwave entrainment please click brainwave entrainment). The brainwave entrainment is achieved using the binaural effect. To get the maximum benefit from using binaural sound and the Solfeggio 396Hz frequency you will need to use headphones or stereo speakers close to each ear. If you do not want to take advantage of the binaural brainwave entrainment you can listen to the music in the normal way and get the full benefit of the Solfeggio 396Hz frequency.

You can purchase the Solfeggio 396Hz music below. You will have instant access to the download as soon as your payment has been authorized. You also have the option to buy all 3 Solfeggio 396Hz pieces in one value pack. You can also buy all 18 Solfeggio music pieces in one download pack.

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396 Hz Solfeggio Sounds Downloads
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Solfeggio Sounds 396 Hz
396 Hz Alpha Version 



Solfeggio Sounds 396 Hz Theta
396 Hz Theta Version 


396 Hz Delta
396 Hz Delta Version 


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Ultimate Solfeggio Download Pack

396 Hz Series
396 Hz Download Pack 
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Solfeggio Sounds Series
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